2020 Gathering

The vision for The Gathering is to create a high-energy weekend conference for Mississippi students in grades 6th – 12th to gather together to celebrate Christ and grow in Him. Our commitment is to create a first-class experience featuring the best worship teams and communicators for this generation. The Gathering strives to be a highlight of your year! 

The Gathering 2020: (Time)  

 Who: Students grades 6 through 12 and their leaders 

What: A three-day, Christ-exalting conference uniting students from across Mississippi for a weekend of dynamic worship, fellowship, relevant teaching, laughter, friendship, inspiration, fun and life-change!

When:  Friday, February 28 ~ 7:00 p.m. - Sunday, March 1 ~ 9:30 a.m.

Where: Christ United Methodist Church, 6000 Old Canton Road in Jackson, Mississippi

How Much: ***1 free adult spot for every 15 Students (grades 6th-12th) registered

  • (Early) $60 each if registered by January 8, 2020
  • (Regular) $70 each if registered by February 14,2020
  • (Late) $80 each if registered after February 14, 2020
  • (Large Group 20 or more) $60 each if registered by February 14 when registering 20 or more.

***No refunds (full or partial) after FEBUARY 1, 2020***

*** Scholarship groups are not eligible for ANY refunds ***  

Deadline to submit Scholarship Application is February 1, 2020 (Limited Availability)  SUBMIT APPLICATION 


Youth Leader Contact Information

*First Name
*Last Name
*Address 1
*What church are your representing? (please list the complete church name and city)
*Have you been pre-approved for a scholarship from the Mississippi Annual Conference?

PLEASE NOTE: This registration form is NOT for those of you who have applied for and received a Group Scholarship from the Mississippi Annual Conference. Please CLICK HERE for more information. 

*Church District?
*Would you like to include your group in our Missions Emphasis?

The Gathering is combining efforts with the Society of Saint Andrew on Saturday From 3:30 - 5:30. 

 We are planning an EPIC Sweet Potato Crop Drop at The Gathering and we need your group to make it a success! 

Farmers have surpluses of sweet potatoes that are good to eat but, don't quite make the cut for cosmetic standards. These sweet potatoes are donated so that you can help sort through them and assemble 10lb. Family-Sized Bags for families in need across Mississippi. At the end of the event, food pantries and agencies from all over the state will be coming to pick up their bags of sweet potatoes for the families they serve in their communities.

We need your help to break the record for most sweet potatoes bagged in one event in Mississippi! Sign up and be prepared to help feed families in need in just 2 hours. You can help feed more than 300 families in need for an entire month with this one volunteer experience. Can you spare 120 minutes to help more than 1,200 people?

*Total number of Students 6th - 12th Grades
*Total number of Adult leaders

Please Note: You must maintain a 1 to 7 adult to student ratio. Please make every effort to have the required ratio for each gender.

**Total Attendees**
Total Number of paid Registrations
*Are you registering a group of 20 or more?
*Total @ ($60)

Enter the total number of Registrants from above. This is the total amount of (Student and Adults) you're registering. 

If you are eligible for any free adult spots, it will be discounted before you check out. 

There are only 2300 available
Only number values are allowed
Large Group Registration (20 or more) ($60)

Enter your Paid Registrants total here ONLY if you're registing a total of 20 or more. This number must match the "Total Number of paid Registrations" from above.

Only number values are allowed
Do you qualify for any free adult spots?

Requirements: One FREE adult admission for every 15 students registered:  If you have 15 or more students (6th - 12th Grade) registered but less that 30, you get 1 free adult spot. If you have 30 students registered, you get 2 free adult spots. 

*Your free admission landyard can ONLY be used by an adult (Age 21 and over). 

*PLEASE  NOTE: Discounted adult spots are adjusted at large group registration prices only. ($60.00 off for each qualifying adult spot) 

*The deadline to qualify for free adult spots is February 14, 2020. All registrations done after February 14, 2020 are subject to normal group rates.

*Churches receiving scholarships are not eligible for additional discounts.


No answer
Number of FREE ADULTS You qualify for? (($60))

Input the number of free adults you qualify for based on the above requirements. 

*PLEASE  NOTE: Discounted adult spots are adjusted at large group registration prices only. ($60.00 off for each qualifying adult spot) 

*The deadline to qualify for free adult spots is February 14, 2020. All registrations done after February 14, 2020 are subject to normal group rates. 

Only number values are allowed
Are you interested in pre-ordering 2020 Gathering event T-shirts?

Please check "yes" If you would like to receive more information regarding pre-ordering T-shirts for your group. You will receive an email with instructions and order forms attached around the top of Feb 2020. These are special edition T-shirts not available for individual purchase at the Gathering.

T-shirts are NOT included in your registration price. You will receive a separate invoice associated. Other T-Shirt sales will be available at the event.

No answer

 Payment options are available upon submission of this registration.

 If Paying by Check:

Remit Payment to Mississippi Conference of The United Methodist Church,

320-C Briarwood DR, Jackson, MS 39206. (Place "GATHERING 2020" in the Memo)

***PLEASE NOTE: When remitting with a check, all deadlines associate with pricing are applicable and determined by your postmark date. Upon submission of this registration you will receive a confirmation email. The email will include a link to your invoice.

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