Readiness 360 & R360+

Readiness 360 is an online assessment survey tool that assesses four critical capacities for multiplying thriving ministries --Spiritual Intensity, Dynamic Relationships, Missional Alignment and Cultural Openness -- into a report so that needed next steps are shared, clear and impactful.

Readiness 360+ is the online assessment survey tool PLUS a 12-month process which includes: 1.) debrief of the report; 2.) five focus days (training) - concentrating on one critical capacity at a time; and 3.) a coach to help your church get to the core of their current reality by challenging their paradigms and shifting their energy to open up infinite new possiblities.

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Readiness 360 is an online assessment (survey) tool ONLY that measures four critical capacities for vitality. (COST: Free)

Readiness 360+ is the online assessment (survey) tool PLUS -- a 12-month process which includes 1.) a guided de-brief of the survey results; 2.) five focus days of training, and 3.) a coach to walk alongside you (for the 12-month period), to provide support and guidance as the church explores new possibilities for their future. (COST: $1,000)

Readiness 360 (Survey ONLY) 
Readiness 360+ (Survey PLUS training & coach) ($1,000)
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Thank you for electing to "Multiply Your Kingdom Impact' by participating in the Readiness 360 or 360+ process. A Faith Community Formation team member will contact you about next steps and setting up an account/profile for your church. 

Please print a copy of your application and mail with a check to MS United Methodist Conference, Faith Community Formation Office at 320-F Briarwood DR, Jackson, MS 39206 (make check payable to the MS UM Conference and write Readiness360 in the memo line).

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jane Horstman in the Faith Community Formation Office at or 769-243-7072.


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