New Faith Community Planter Application

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*Why are you feeling called to new faith community planting?

How did you arrive at the conclusion that God is leading you to become a new faith community planter? What process did you go through?

What, if any, continuing education classes have you attended? And when?
*How do the members of your household feel about the possibility of your involvement in planting a new faith community?
New Faith Community Planter Assessment Questionnaire Responses

Read the questions on the New Faith Community Planter Assessment Questionnaire. Select and provide written responses to six questions that you feel will be most revealing to who you are as a new faith community planter.

*Response 1:
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*Spiritual Gifts Assessment

If not, go to Do NOT check the box "I don't want my results shared with my annual conference." When completed, please email your results to  

Permissions Needed
*I grant permission to the Faith Community Formation Office to do a background check.
*I grant permission to the Faith Community Formation Office to do a credit check.
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Supporting Materials

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A one-page, self-reflective essay* describing your call story, to include:
1. Vision
2. Mission
3. Core Beliefs
4. Core Values
5. One paragraph summary of your affinity group.
6. What church strategy suits your profile? Why?
7. What would be your optimal new church planting scenario? Why?
8. Concerning your possible appointment to plant a new church, what other conclusions have you made AND what questions remain for you?

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Letter from your district's Chief Missional Strategist (Superintendent)

Please request a letter from your district's Chief Missional Strategist (CMS) stating that you have communicated your desire to explore your gifts in leading the planting or revitalization of a faith community and ask them to email the letter to the Faith Commununity Formation Office at

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Share a Video

Add a link to a video of yourself leading and preaching at a worship service that you designed (in the space provided below).

OR mail a DVD to the attention of Jason Zebert in the Faith Community Formation office at:

Mississppi Conference of the United Methodist Church
320-F Briarwood Drive
Jackson, MS  39206

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After we receive all materials, a member of the Faith Community Formation Committee Assessment Team will be in touch. If you have any questions, please contact Jason Zebert at, 769-243-7073 or Jane Horstman at, 769-243-7072.


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