New Faith Community Strategic Ministry Action Plan (MAP)

A Strategic Ministry Action Plan (MAP) is a discernment tool to help you formulate objectives, goals, and plans. This form must be completed in consultation with the Chief Missional Strategist and submitted to the Conference Faith Community Formation Office before proceeding. For guidance, read Your MAP Out of the Wilderness of Ministry by Dr. Marty Cauley.

Prior to final submission, you may access and edit this form as needed. When complete, please notify Jane Horstman by email at

If you prefer to submit your action plan as a Word Document, please email to Jane Horstman at

Contact Information:

*Denotes required field.

*First Name
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Address 1
Ministry/Leadership Summary:

A narrative of your dream (i.e., how will this new faith community uniquely reach "more people, yournger people, and more diverse people").

Define the Problem:

Why are you called to plant/relocate/restart here? Why does this community need a new local church?


How will you accomplish the task ahead?

Exegesis of the Community:

Demonstrate a deep knowledge and understanding of the population, statistics, and growth rates of your community.

Demographic Data: 

Based on what you have discovered thus far, describe briefly the community (mission field) in which the church will be launched (planted/relocated/restarted), such as people, environment, economy, etc. Use a FullInsite Report from MissionInsite ( of the target area to answer the following questions. Use a 2-mile radius from the location of the proposed church location.

What is the numerical population within the prime ministry area?
What is the 5-year projected target population in this area?
What is the average household income in this area?
What is the numerical mission field population within the prime ministry area?
How much has the community grown in the last year?
What is the predominant age of the population in the area?
What is the average education level in the area?
What is the predominant economic class in the area?
What is the predominant ethnic group in the area?
Is the community in transition?
No answer
If yes, please explain:
How religious do they self-report being?
Attach the FullInsite Report here.

Attach file pdf, doc(x), xls(x), jpg/gif/png, ppt - up to 25 MB

Field Research:

To answer the next three questions, visit the places of business to meet and have conversations with several of the people who live and work in this community.

What perspective do they (the people you spoke to) have of the community?
What are the needs?
What are the concerns?
SWOT Analysis:

Identify the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats the community faces to reveal places of need and ministry possiblities. (Review with others who live in the community to see if it rings true?)

Who is your target audience?

Using both the demographic and field research, create a sociological profile for those God has uniquely equipped you to reach.You should have at least two definitive targets.

What is the Mission audience?

The missional target audience are those people who populate your ministry setting.

Other Faith Communities:

What United Methodist congregations and churches of other denominations are in the mission field?

Key Leader:

Highlight the skills, giftedness, and calling that you bring to this vital work.

Powerful Statements:

Provide the following statements that define the foundation of the movement you are starting.

Position Statement:
Mission Statement:
Values: (Top 5 Values)
Based upon your values, why do you think God called you to begin a new faith community?
Core Team Members:

Who are they? What strengths do they bring? What are their divine callings?

Unique Strategy:

Please select the Unique Strategy that best fits your vision. For full descriptions, go to

How many (and which) churches are involved in this new church venture?
What steps has the church(s) taken to secure buy-in from the congregation(s)?
Why partner/relocate/merge/adopt/restart? What prompted this change? If relocating, what does the new community offer that the old one doesn't?
How many people from the church(s) do you project will decide to be part of the new church? How many will not? And why?
What do you plan to do differently?
Scriptural and Theological Foundation:

What are the primary biblical texts that center the faith community you are beginning?

Secret Sauce:

What is unique about your new faith community? Describe the ministry model and organization structure as you envision it.

Initial Plan:

What is your strategy to get things started? Describe the plan, for your first sixty (60) days, to ascertain the needs of the people living in the “mission field” and your plan for connecting with them.

Evangelism Plan:

How will you help people make proactive, intentional, faith filled decisions to follow Jesus?

Discipling Plan:

How do you plan to help engage, equip, and empower the people you meet, with little or no church experience, to become fully devoted followers of Jesus?

Other Ministries:

Other ways you plan to interact and engage the world.


Use the SMART goal process:

  • Specific: Who? What? Where? How much? How many?
  • Measurement/Assessment: How will you know if it is a success?
  • Attainable/Achievable: Are the goals realistic?
  • Relevant (results oriented): The goals are aligned with current tasks and projects and answers “what is the expected result?”
  • Timed: When is it to be completed? Due date?


What is the effective date of your appointment?
What date is projected for the launch of weekly worship ministry?
Benchmark Chart

Please complete and attach the "Additional Benchmark" chart (click here) which includes additional benchmark dates and participation milestones for your pre-launch strategy and beyond. This will help in measuring the projected growth of the new church. (Add/delete fields as needed.)

PLEASE NOTE: You must download the above chart, fill-in and save to your computer before attaching/uploading to this form.

Attach file pdf, doc(x), xls(x), jpg/gif/png, ppt - up to 25 MB


Budget: Summary of Anticipated Ministry Expenses (NOT INCLUDING PASTORAL COMPENSATION)

Worship site:
No answer
Projected cost of the worship site and terms? (if known)
Cost of portable church system:

Sound, keyboard, projector, etc. for worship

Cost of office equipment, promotions, and other start-up costs?
Compensation for any staff:

Please provide details.

TOTAL estimated expenses for the first 12 months?
Are you committed to tithing?
No answer
Are you committed to conveying tithing as an expectation for your launch team?
No answer

Budget: Summary of Anticipated Income (BEYOND CONFERENCE SUPPORT)

In the first 12 months, what level of financial support do you anticipate receiving from the following sources (give projected amounts)?

Contributions from the active participants of the new congregation:
Pledged support from pastor’s family, friends, and supporters:
Pledged support from “mother” or partner church (if applicable):
TOTAL anticipated cash income for first 12 months (total of above income amounts):
Do you believe this new church will be financially self-supporting within 3 to 5 years?
No answer
Do you acknowledge that continued funding is tied to the church’s ability to “Bear fruit” in the mission field through reaching the above goals?
No answer
Do you understand the importance of living in the mission field and are you committed to moving there immediately?
No answer
Upload Completed Strategic Ministry Action Plan (Template)

Please complete and attach your completed Strategic Plan Summary here (download MAP template here). 

PLEASE NOTE: You must download the template, fill-in and save to your computer before attaching/uploading to this form.

Attach file pdf, doc(x), xls(x), jpg/gif/png, ppt - up to 25 MB


The first formal evaluation will be 12 months after the approval of this Strategic Action Plan. I am aware of the information and requirements listed in the New Faith Community Policies and Procedures manual for this new church start.


It is expected that if this new church is charted, it will become incorporated.

Please give any additional information which might be of help to the Committee voting on this request.
*Complete and Ready for Submission

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  • "No" if you plan to return to edit this document (NOT READY for submission to the Faith Community Formation Committee)
  • "Yes" if you are finished editing this document (READY for submission to the Faith Community Formation Committee)

You will be able to access and edit this form as needed by clicking on the link found in the email confirmation.

Thank you!

Thank you for submitting your MAP! If you have questions or are having difficulty attaching the items requested above, please email them to Jane Horstman in the Faith Community Formation Office at or call her at 769-243-7072.

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