FCF Assistance Request Form (Non-CMS)

This form has been created to help you organize your thoughts when requesting assistance from the Faith Community Formation office. To help with this process, you may want to download and read Effective Ministry Action Plans - Your MAP Out of the Wilderness of Ministry by Dr. Marty Cauley.

Please complete the questions below that pertain to your individual project.


Contact Information:

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*First Name
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*Address 1
*District Name:

Please select your district from the drop-down list to help us help you (this makes it searchable for us).

Church Name and/or City

Provide the name of the target church & city or community name for the church OR the target city/community if a church is not the subject of the request.

Pastor's Name

If applicable, provide the name of the pastor of the church in need of assistance.

Ministry Description & Action Plan
*Type of Assistance Needed:

Select all that apply. Go to https://www.mississippi-umc.org/fcfresourcesms for descriptions of each item below.

New Faith Community
Church Revitalization
28 Day Church Challenge
Crossroads (Paragraph 213)
Community Analysis
Fresh Expression
Journey to Transformation
Lead Like Jesus
Readiness 360
If you selected other, please describe your need below:
Description of the Project:

In your description, provide the following details:

  • Vision
  • Objectives
  • Goals
  • Plan
Who are the core leaders and what gifts do they bring to the project?

What are his/her strengths, skills and experience? Why do you feel they are a good "fit" for this project?

Other partners involved?

Are there other churches or people involved in this project and how do they fit? 

Have you conducted a community analysis/assessment?

This includes demographic analysis and/or MissionInsite. Click here (https://www.mississippi-umc.org/files/faith+forming+communities/documents/2018-htr_msconf.pdf) to register and start using MissionInsite. For more information about MissionInsite, visit our webpage at: https://www.mississippi-umc.org/missioninsitems

No answer
Describe the community:

If yes, describe the demographics of the community using a 1-mile radius around the target area.

Who is the target audience?
If you have a MissionInsite ExecutiveInsite Report for your target area, attach it here:

Attach the MinistryInsite and ReligiousInsite, if you have them.

Attach file pdf, doc(x), xls(x), jpg/gif/png, ppt - up to 25 MB

What are your three-month, six-month and one-year benchmarks?
What do you see as critical issues or roadblocks?
What is your desired outcome?
What is your timeline?
Additional Resources Needed:

What do you need from the FCF Office?

Is there any additional information that you think would be helpful for us to give you the best response?
*Request is complete?

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Attach additional files, if needed:

Attach file pdf, doc(x), xls(x), jpg/gif/png, ppt - up to 25 MB

Thank you!

If you have any questions, please contact: 

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